One man’s passion became vision of luxury – a hallmark of esteem and good taste. Each fragrance in the JOE LEGEND range encourages a different facet of you at your best. Embody the virtues you aspire to with a legendary fragrance infused with intent.


Honor yourself and those you love with one of seven legendary and virtuous fragrances:

Your vision knows no barriers and your dreams have no limit.

When you finally arrive where you are going, it will all seem so familiar…

for this is the dream that has called to you; now you know it as your own.

So step out onto the brink of possibility, be inspired by your sense of wonder!

Be guided by your vision, fueled by your passion that one person can create change.

You heart compels you to make the world a better place.

– Joseph Jivago

Created to encourage you to hold onto your vision, keep your faith, and make your dreams come true.

May these fragrances empower you to contribute to the greater good of all people. Joe Legend fragrances are manufactured in Los Angeles, USA, and are part of the JIVAGO Brands portfolio.