About Us

The founder, Joseph Jivago created the Joe Legend fragrance line for all men and women who follow their dreams, for lovers who care for others and for those who are committed to making the world a better place, for visionaries who believe in following their vision no matter how difficult their journey is. Tis is for those who walk the narrow road through uncertainty through obstacles and challenges.

Take heart. Your vision knows no barriers and your dreams have no limit. You may meet your fear, face to face, and befriend, and allow that to teach you courage. Never be discouraged by failures. Take risks. Allow your successes to make you strong and your failures to make you wise. When you finally arrive, it will all seem so familiar for this is the dream that has called to you. Now you know it as your own.

You step out onto the brink of possibility. You are inspired by a sense of wonder, guided by your vision and fueled by your passion. You commit to your vision. Joe Legend…powered by passion. You heart holds a desire to serve the greater good and make the world a better place. You believe that one person can create change. You know that a single thought of compassion can heal the world. You tap into your spirit. You call up your courage.

Joe Legend is a man who against all adversity, held onto his vision, kept faith and his dreams came true. With commitment and compassion, he is empowered to contribute to the greater good of all people.

Made in the USA.

Joe Legend believes in manufacturing in Los Angeles. Joseph Jivago is an avid supporter in employing Americans in the Southern California region.